Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The final stretch...

The entire Schlesinger team has been working tirelessly these past few weeks. We have campaigned all over the state and hope to bring a victory to our many loyal supporters this evening.

The eve of election night was spent in Grand Central Station, as well as the Westport and Farfield train stations, meeting the hard working people taking evening trains back to Connecticut.

This morning Team Schlesinger is up early preparing for the day. We hope to all meet Mr. Schlesinger at his voting location alittle later on this morning. Mr. Schlesinger will be voting in Woodbridge, at the Municipal Office Building, at 10:30am.

As the day continues we will visit all areas of our beautiful state to meet the voters and do last minute meet and greets at several polling locations. We will end the evening in Hartford at the Marriot Hotel for our victory party. All Alan Schlesinger volunteers and supporters are invited and welcome!

Our hopes and prayers are with Alan and the rest of the Republican ticket tonight for a strong victory!

- Elissa V. :)