Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Campaign updates

These past few weeks have proved to be very successful for the Schlesinger campaign. We had several events that went extremely well, and we would like to thank all our great supporters and volunteers!

Sunday October 1st was Shelton Day. Our campaign headquarters are located right in the heart of downtown Shelton, so we got to enjoy the event right in the middle of the action. Despite the rain in the morning we had a great day. Mr. Schlesinger was so pleased to meet even more Shelton residents and enjoy the festivites.

Mr. Schlesinger had the privledge of meeting a man who had just recently been granted his US Citizenship. He was excited to make his first vote in the US for Alan Schlesinger! We were also pleased to spend part of the day with Linda Roberts, who was campaigning in Shelton.

This past Sunday, the 8th, Alan was in Southington for the Apple Festival Parade. The whole Schlesinger Team had a great day and loved participating in the event! We commend the whole town for putting together such an
enjoyable day. We had a great reception and would like to thank all our supporters who showed up in great numbers to encourage us.

Tonight we're headed to see the wonderful people in the Weston and Farfield Republican Town Committees!


Blogger Lou Murray said...

The choice is obvious. A 100% cut and run liberal who will say anything to get elected, a 90 percent liberal who will say almost anything to get elected,or a great conservative candidate who tells it like it is no matter who he is speaking to. The upcoming debates will show the public what each candidate is made of. I have to agree with both Democrats in one area. It really is time for a change. Alan Schlesinger is the kind of change Connecticut, and our country needs. I urge everyone to watch closely in the coming weeks,and especially to pay close attention to the pending debates. I urge the media to give him the coverage he deserves to get his ideas out to the Connecticut people. While the two Democrats are smearing each other with negative campaign adds, Alan is ot there spreading his common sense ideas on everything from social security to foreign policy. As the pre election weeks wind down, and the issues come to the forefront, real solutions to real problems will capture the attention of the Connecticut voters.
As I see it, there is only one candidate focusing on the real issues right now and Alan Schlesinger is that man.This year we have a REAL Republican in the race.

5:42 AM  
Blogger CT Bob said...

The Alan Schlesinger interview taped on Saturday Oct. 14th is now online.

Schlesinger Interview

9:55 AM  
Blogger General Putnam said...

Yes Alan is that man for Connecticut. I have had the chance to watch the debate in Stamford. He has won my vote hands down. Liberman's time has come to and end and he made a lot of people very rich, or I should say richer. Perhaps it time to move to Florida Joe and get the early bird special for $4.99.
As for Lamont who lives in my home town of Greenwich, CT and started a cable company. Do you think he knows people in the media that own him favors? This is a guy that wants to hire works form Mexico to take care of his 10,000 square foot home on 5 acres in Greenwich and 55 acre lot in Bridgewater. I guess you can call him a successful entrepreneur at the expense of the America worker. I call it 21st century slave trade.
Alan Schlesinger, THANK YOU! you have my support.

General Putnam,
Greenwich, CT

10:27 AM  
Blogger kylie said...

HI I saw part of the debates and as a democrat, I think it took guts to do what you did= come out very well prepared and swinging ...you didn't shrink like a wallflower...
If it wasn't for your position on flag burning I might even support you but I think you should rethink that one....the Constitution is there to protect unpopular expression- that is the point.......the flag is not the issue- it is the freedom behind the flag

9:02 PM  

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