Sunday, October 22, 2006

Campaign updates

On October 19th, Mr. Schlesinger and myself went to Notre Dame High School in West Haven. He made a speech, as well as answered questions from students. There were several other candidates running for state office there, as well as a representative from the Lamont campaign.

By the end of his speech, Mr. Schlesinger was the only candidate to recieve a standing ovation. The students overwhelmingly supported Alan and loved his responses to the great questions that the students had to ask. At the conclusion of the event the students lined up to shake Alan's hand and to offer to volunteer for his campaign. Notre Dame is definitely Schlesinger country!

On the 21st Alan Schlesinger was honored to be asked by a Republican Town Committee member to particpate in the movement of a 9/11 memorial in Middletown. Mr. Schlesinger and his campaign staff were extremely touched to be involved in something so important.

Later in the day Mr. Schlesinger and his team appeared at the East Hartford Fall Festival. We all had a great time meeting the residents of East Hartford! The Republican Town Committee welcomed us and spent the day helping us campaign. They all wore Schlesinger stickers and offered Mr. Schlesinger's campaign literature at their table.

-Elissa V. : )

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Out from under the bus!

The Schlesinger Campaign is on a roll! We've had a great week and want to enthusiastically thank our many supporters for that. We wouldn't be where we are today without you!

On Monday, the 16th, we had our first debate against our worthy opponents Joe Lieberman and Ned Lamont. Mr. Schlesinger made everyone on his team extremely proud. He hit a home run in the debate. It was voiced all over Connecticut that he was the undeniable winner. On the 18th our second debate was filmed. It was again, very successful. Mr. Schlesinger was the clear winner between all five candidates represented.

Since both debates aired we have been getting overwhelming support from across the state. Everyday we get 100's of calls, e-mails, and letters from our wonderful supporters congratulating Mr. Schlesinger on his debate wins and on his campaign, which is centered around telling the truth to the Connecticut voters and offering real solutions to the problems facing our state and country.

We're all very excited for the 3rd debate, which will be held on Monday, the 23rd, at the Garde Arts Center in New London. It will be broadcast nationwide on ABC. We hope everyone tunes in to hear all three candidates voice their opinions!

-Elissa V. : )

Monday, October 16, 2006

Young people get involved in the Schlesinger Campaign!

Mr. Schlesinger is very concerned about the next generation and the young people of Connecticut. So this past week I spent two days at our hometown highschool (located in the same town as our headquarters) speaking to the highschool students about the importance of getting invovled in politics and government. I felt extremely welcomed by both the Shelton High School administration and the students. I had a great time!

We had dozens of students calling in wanting to volunteer for our campaign in order to learn more about the political process and to get a behind the scenes view of a real U.S. Senate Campaign. We're very proud of these young people for taking advantage of this great oppurtunity, and enjoy having their perspective on our team!

-Elissa V. : )

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Alan Schlesinger: The CTBob interview

Alan Schlesinger recently sat down with Connecticut Bob, of Check it out below, or at CT Bob's YouTube channel here:

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Campaign updates

These past few weeks have proved to be very successful for the Schlesinger campaign. We had several events that went extremely well, and we would like to thank all our great supporters and volunteers!

Sunday October 1st was Shelton Day. Our campaign headquarters are located right in the heart of downtown Shelton, so we got to enjoy the event right in the middle of the action. Despite the rain in the morning we had a great day. Mr. Schlesinger was so pleased to meet even more Shelton residents and enjoy the festivites.

Mr. Schlesinger had the privledge of meeting a man who had just recently been granted his US Citizenship. He was excited to make his first vote in the US for Alan Schlesinger! We were also pleased to spend part of the day with Linda Roberts, who was campaigning in Shelton.

This past Sunday, the 8th, Alan was in Southington for the Apple Festival Parade. The whole Schlesinger Team had a great day and loved participating in the event! We commend the whole town for putting together such an
enjoyable day. We had a great reception and would like to thank all our supporters who showed up in great numbers to encourage us.

Tonight we're headed to see the wonderful people in the Weston and Farfield Republican Town Committees!